Design 411 – Create Some New Architectural Details

September 12, 2014

So, first of all, sorry that I’ve been absent for a few weeks.  Crazy busy!!  I’m working on some fun projects, and when they are done, I will post some pics on the website.  Maybe I’ll do a before and after on the blog, so you can see the progress.

Getting back to today’s post, I want to talk about creating some new architectural details in a space for extra design value. Think about adding woodwork and trim to your walls, doors and even your ceiling to add drama and pump up the details in your space.  You can add molding around your doors and windows, medallions on the ceiling, wainscoting at the base, and panels and picture frames along the wall.

Applying narrow strips of molding to suggest panels is what this popular treatment known as picture framing is called, shown in this photo from Better Homes and Gardens.


Here an ordinary bathroom looks amazing thanks to the detail of trim pieces to create a series of square frames on all the walls. Painting everything one color helps to keep the look from overwhelming the small space.

trim on door

This image from Do It Yourself Design, shows how they transformed these closet doors with the help of some trim.

nailhead trim on ceiling

Saw this on and just love this idea of putting strips of nail head trim on the ceiling to create a pattern.  Could also create artwork using the same technique and frame it.

scalloped border

In this pic from, the scalloped border along the ceiling really ties the room together.  This is easy to add to any room with plywood, some L-brackets and a can of white paint.

An alternative to this would be to hang crown molding about 10” below the ceiling and paint the molding and the wall above the molding white and the wall below the molding your accent wall color.  Use a semi-gloss finish on the wood and an egg shell or satin finish on the walls.

All of the added architectural details that are featured in these rooms create a huge impact.  There are so many more ideas that you can do, as well like using medallions on your walls or ceiling.  Wainscoting looks great in some spaces, and a simple chair rail is an easy detail with one color of paint above the rail and a slightly darker color of paint below it.  Try some of these ideas out in your home and share the after pics with us at Décor Revolution.  We would love to see the results!

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