Design 411 – This Week’s Tip: Go Antiquing for Classic Finds

July 22, 2014

July’s tip of the month is to change your wall décor.  This week I thought I would focus on how to find great new wall art by going antiquing.  I don’t know about you, but I just love flea markets, estate sales and antique shops.  They are a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon and you can always find something fun to re-purpose and turn into a fabulous new item for your décor.

Showcase a variety of vintage fabrics by displaying them in an assortment of decorative frames.  Paint all the frames the same color to create a unified look.

Turn a vintage piece of fabric into a wall hanging or faux tapestry.  In this image from Better Homes and Gardens, they took a piece of fabric and added a contrasting border in a neutral linen fabric around the edges.  Then they sewed it to some drapery rings and hung it on a rod.  The tassels hanging from the ends, over the finials, give it a traditional look.

Create a fun arrangement on the wall using a collection of vintage plates.  Experiment with different patterns, by placing them on the floor and trying them in a variety of configurations until you find one that complements the plates and the wall space.

repurposed art_BHG

There are so many things that you can find at the flea market, thrift store or estate sale that can be re-purposed as art.  You can hang shallow baskets as wall décor.  I’ve actually hung baskets on the wall in apartments to hide unsightly things that I couldn’t change or move, like circuit breaker boxes or washer and dryer hook-ups in the kitchen, when I didn’t have any appliances.  In this image an old serving tray was given new life as wall décor.  The round tray, with its pretty design and complementary color scheme, adds the perfect decorative touch to this bedside area.

vintage posters_BHG

Vintage posters or old maps make great wall décor and can be framed or hung from simple poster hangers like these, which can be found online.

vintage spool wall hook_athomeinlove

Here’s a fun and super easy DIY from for making a wall hook from a vintage yarn spool.  I always see these at flea markets and this is such a cute idea if you have a traditional or cottage style home.  You could hang a few of them in a mudroom for coats and then put a bench with storage or a couple of crates below for boots.  This isn’t really wall décor.  It’s more functional, but still an interesting and attractive way to re-purpose vintage finds for the wall.

The ideas are endless for what you can find, when antiquing, to use for wall décor.  Keep an open mind as you walk through these fairs or sales, and all kinds of creative solutions will present themselves, for ways to use and re-purpose some wonderful vintage items.  As usual, we love it when you share your ideas or finds with us on Décor Revolution.


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