Design 411 – July’s Tip of the Month: Changing Wall Décor

July 1, 2014

This Week’s Tip: How to Use Wall Paper as Wall Décor

Wall paper has made a huge come back on the interior design scene lately, but it’s not your grandmother’s flocked damask patterns in the dining room or bowls of fruit for the kitchen wall; style wall paper.  Although there are certainly some updated versions of those to be found, the wall paper today is modern and fun.  There are lots of textures and great conversational designs.  Today’s tip is not about wall papering your room, though.  Since July is all about changing your wall décor; today’s tip is about how to use wallpaper to create new wall décor.

You can use scraps of wall paper or buy just one roll.  Artwork doesn’t have to be expensive to be pretty and special. Use some floating frames hung on a wall in an abstract arrangement.  Fill the frames with scraps of different modern or vintage wall papers that work together and complement your décor.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find affordable artwork that makes an impact and is large enough to fill a large empty wall.  You can make your own for a custom look, by framing one large piece or even a few panels like artwork, in frames or in molding.

wp panels

You can create a wall hanging from wall paper scraps.  Use dowel rods rolled inside the top and bottom edge and attached with glue and staples, or curtain rods with small finials on the ends for something more decorative.  Mount from the back of the top rod using a couple of nails, or tie a decorative cord to the top rod and hang from a hook on the wall.

You can use one strip of wall paper to make a statement panel down the edge of one wall or down the center of a wall in a small space.  This can give a dramatic impact to what might otherwise be an uninspiring space.

bookshelf wp

Here’s an image of one of those conversational designs I was talking about.  Borgnes Giramonti wanted more bookshelves in the dining room, but she worried they might crowd her parents’ mid-century Danish table. Her solution? Wall paper with a bookshelf design made by London-based Deborah Bowness. A horseshoe bench completes the space.  The bookshelf wall paper really doesn’t solve her problem, but I love the look and it’s a great example of how an accent wall in a fun wall paper can make a real statement.

shadow box

You can make shadow boxes that are lined with different fun, colorful, wall papers.  Then, mount coordinating plates inside the boxes with a strong adhesive.

mats covered with wp

Create unique artwork and highlight some of your black and white photography by covering some plain mats with a colorful wall paper that coordinates with your decor.  Simply cut the wall paper to the same size as the mat and attach it with double stick tape or spray adhesive.

Next time you want to update your wall décor and you’re looking for something affordable but still unique; remember Décor Revolution and think about using some wall paper in one of these fun ways to create some artwork for your walls.  Don’t forget to share your projects with us.  We love to see what you do if you follow up on any of these ideas, or have any of your own that you’d like to share.

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