Design 411 – This Week’s Tip: Wall of Mirrors

July 15, 2014

Mirrors are a great accessory for decorating your walls.  Décor Revolution uses well-placed mirrors all the time to maximize the style of our client’s rooms.  Mirrors reflect and emphasize views as well as colors from art, furniture, or adjacent walls, in the room.  Mirrors visually expand the room and add dimension to the space.  Large mirrors in a small room create the illusion of depth.  You can use a really big one over a sofa or fireplace and it can be a statement piece.  The mirror will not only reflect light back into the room, making it appear bigger than it is, but if framed artistically, the mirror will also be a dramatic focal point.

You can use a collection of mirrors, in all different shapes and sizes, to create a gallery wall.  This can also have quite a dramatic affect.  Collect different decorative frames from thrift stores and paint them all the same color. Then put mirrors in them and arrange them all together on a wall in a hallway or stairway.

Lean a full length mirror up against the wall in a bedroom, living room or large dressing room.  Mirrors are also great in an entry, so that everyone can do a final check before leaving the house.

There are lots of great looking mirrors to be found online, or at retail, that are quite affordable.  I’ve also found that you can have one custom-made for a fairly reasonable price.  I’ve selected frames from a frame shop, and had them made to the exact size I wanted, then had a glass shop cut the beveled mirror to fit, like this one I had made for a powder room.

Powder Room Mirror

This DIY mirror for another bathroom was a fluted picture frame that I found at a thrift store that cost me $12.  I took the picture out, sanded and then spray painted it with a high gloss white, and got the beveled mirror cut to fit.

Bath Mirror

You can get pre-taped frames online, from a company called Mirror Mate Frames, that you install yourself onto an existing mirror.  You send them the measurements of your mirror and they send you the frame, ready to stick to the front of the mirror while it is on your wall.


Make interesting mirrors out of recycled objects that reflect your interests.  Any glass shop can cut a piece of mirror to fit the size needed to custom-make a mirror like these tennis racket mirrors.  How cute are they for a young athlete’s room?


This nautical themed mirror by a company called Grain is great.  It’s a bit pricey, and you could probably make one very similar to it, yourself, if you just have a glass shop cut the mirror to size and make the holes for you.  I love the concept.

mirror 1

Mirrors are used in feng shui.  Mirrors placed next to your dining table are believed to bring fortune and wealth.  However, it’s believed that mirrors placed at the end of a hallway will create a place for energy to stop flowing, so you might want to think twice about doing that.

Whatever you do with mirrors, they are sure to add to your wall décor.  I hope that I have given you some great interior design ideas for how to think about mirrors creatively.  Let me know if you have any other ideas to add that you want to share with my readers.

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