Design 411 – This Week’s Tip: Who Doesn’t Love an Ottoman?

June 24, 2014

I’ve been searching for some extra seating for a Décor Revolution client’s living room and we decided that we might add a couple of ottomans under the console, in her entry, that she could then pull into the living room when she needed extra seating.  That’s when I came across these ottomans that I love by a British company called  They are both beautiful, but simple, designs.   The gorgeous purple tufted ottoman would be a great project for my upholsterer, as opposed to ordering it from this company in England.  It could be customized by size and fabric to go with any décor and would be a great statement piece.   You can make your own ottoman, if you are handy enough to build the simple wood frame and sew the fabric cover together.  The one on the right would be super easy!!

When I work on interior design projects for my clients, I always try to find the most economical way for them to achieve the results that we are looking for.  Sometimes that might mean me purchasing an item at cost using my to-the-trade discounts.  Sometimes the clients have skills and enjoy doing some of the work themselves, and I am able to provide them with ideas that they can then follow-up on and create their own one-of-a-kind pieces with.  I often do this through my e-design plans.  Sometimes I can get one of the many talented artisans or craftsmen, that I have relationships with, to make custom design furnishings for my clients based on my designs.


The flip side of the simple square ottoman that a skilled DIYer could make, is this beautiful leather tufted ottoman made by Lexington.  It is elegant and high quality.

Ottomans make good foot rests.  They can be big (as wide as a sofa), or small and square, like the ones in the images above.  Some have hinged tops and can store items inside of them like remote controls, game controllers, toys, magazines, blankets or movies.  An ottoman can get tucked away in the corner under a table, like my client’s console. A larger one makes a great coffee table in front of a sofa, with a tray on top so you can still place drinks, food or even a small vase with flowers on it.  Ottomans are good at the foot of a bed, as a place to sit and put on your shoes.  You can put casters on the bottom of them so that they can be moved around easily from one place to another.

At Décor Revolution we think an ottoman is a great décor item, whether you DIY it, purchase it from a retailer or have it custom made.  It is both functional and another great way to add some color to your space!


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