Design 411 – Tip of the week: Hang some fabric on the wall

June 10, 2014

This week at Decor Revolution, our Design 411 – Tip of the Week is using fabric for wall decor.  In this image that I have featured, I stapled a fabric ikat shawl that I bought, to the back of an old, but decorative, piece of door frame. Together they make a great wall hanging.   Make or buy frames and use spray adhesive or a staple gun to adhere an interesting fabric to the backs of the frames to use as wall décor.  You can also buy simple canvas stretchers from an art supply store and stretch your fabric around them, the same way an artist would a canvas for a painting.  Or you can make a rod pocket at the top and bottom of a length of fabric and hang it through a wood dowel or drapery rod.

The Martha Stewart Show

With this simple DIY project you can have a home  revamp in no time.  There are so many amazing fun fabric prints to be found out there; both new and vintage, that would make great wall decor.  Make an entire wall gallery of small framed prints in mixed frames, or one huge canvas to cover an entire wall behind a bed or above a sofa.  Share your ideas with us.  I’m Karen Steinberg.  The interior designer behind Decor Revolution.  I hope you are enjoying my Design 411 – weekly tips for a home revamp.

More DIY tips to come next week!

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