Highlights From Dwell on Design 2014

July 4, 2014

I attended the Dwell on Design Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center, together with my friend Eddie, who is also an interior designer, the weekend before last.  I’ve been going to the Dwell show for years and it’s never a disappointment.  I’m always looking for ideas for my Décor Revolution clients and there were plenty this year.  The Dwell on Design Show is all about the latest products that are eco-friendly, sustainable and recycled.  It also features lots of prefab homes which are always so cool to check out.

I saw some really fun new products that I will definitely be keeping in mind as I am sourcing for my Décor Revolution projects coming up.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Lounge22: The featured image is the Ellington Sofa by this local company, based in Los Angeles, CA.  Each piece of their modern and versatile furniture is designed and handcrafted in Los Angeles.  Their Swivel Table, which you can only see the corner of in the image, is also interesting.  It’s made in three pieces that can be moved around to create one large rectangular table, or three smaller trapezoid shaped tables.  Very cool design!

Plyboo Bamboo Wall/Sound Panels: Carved and textures bamboo panels that are just amazing!

Plyboo Panels

Semihandmade doors: This vendor  uses Plyboo Panels to make their custom cabinet doors for Ikea kitchen and bath cabinets.  They are a great way to customize an affordable cabinet with a unique door.  And I did ask them if they can put their doors on other cabinets besides Ikea, and they said “yes, as long as they are very carefully measured”.

Gemstone Tile: This company is from Kingman, Arizona and their gorgeous tile are made from actual gemstones.  They are quite pricey (averaging around $845 per square foot), but used as an accent tile, they are truly elegant!

Gemstone Tile

PalmPring USA: This is a local company and they make an organic coconut mattress.  It is quite comfortable.  I tried it out and liked it a lot.  It is made up of alternating layers of latex from organic rubber trees and the coconut palm coir.  It is hypoallergenic, no off-gassing, chemical free, sustainable production, resists bacteria & mold growth, dust mites and bed bugs.  Supposedly it doesn’t sag over time either.


Brizo: I’ve loved this faucet manufacturer for years, and they had a beautiful new line on display designed by Jason Wu that is a combination of a black matt finish with polished chrome that was just so elegant and modern.  Love, love, love!!!

Brizo Faucet

Light in Art: This is a collection of lighting, artwork and even sinks made of custom stained glass by Israeli artist, Shimon Peleg.  Each piece is handmade and custom designed to personally fit the client’s needs.  They are just stunning.

Art in Light

The other fun thing that we did at the Dwell show was that HGTV had a booth there and David Bromstad, Season 1 winner of Design Star and host of his own show Color Splash, was there greeting people.  David will be guest mentoring on HGTV’s new series, Flipping the Block, starting on July 20th.  Eddie and I had our picture taken with him and we got to chat with him for a few minutes.  He is a very nice guy and I may get in touch with him again to discuss a project we talked about briefly.

David Bromstad

I hope you are as inspired by all these great new products as I am.  I love attending shows like the Dwell on Design show to help me keep up on all the latest and greatest so when I am sourcing products for my Décor Revolution clients, I have contacts with all these vendors and am aware of what is available to incorporate into my designs.  The show was absolutely amazing.  I just wanted to move in!

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