Have you had 2 or even more careers?

May 23, 2014

I used to be a Textile Designer.

Just like my recent re-branding and launch of Décor Revolution, I’ve made a couple of career changes over the years. After many years of working as a textile designer; ten years ago, I made a career change and became an interior designer.  In some ways it was a relatively easy transition because my trained eye for color, pattern and texture translated perfectly from one industry to the other.  I also had a Bachelor’s degree in Design.  But of course, there was much to be learned about building and safety codes, current product and furniture knowledge, working with craftsmen and contractors, and so, so much more.  I had some wonderful mentors and took many classes to further my education.  With the ever changing technology, I continue to take classes all the time just to keep up.  I used to paint designs by hand for fabric and other types of surface pattern design, and now I create designs for interiors on the computer.

I love this image that Waverly used to promote their fabric, not only because it is fun and makes me think of pillow sandwiches with chocolate and cream centers, but also because it reminds me of both what I used to do, when I designed prints for textiles for the home furnishings and apparel industries, and also what I do now, creating beautiful spaces using wonderful fabrics and trims on custom bedding, window treatments and upholstery.  My textile design background has certainly influenced my interior design career as I am addicted to fabric and love doing any project that involves mixing patterns, colors and textures.  I specialize in custom window treatments and custom bedding, and selecting tile for a bathroom or kitchen design is also a favorite of mine.  I do think that my textile design background gives me a slight edge when it comes to working on projects that involve combining different fabrics and finishes.  So if you have an interior design project that could use my keen eye for color and pattern, contact me at Décor Revolution and tell me about it.  I’d love to work with you!

What transferable skills do you have that you can bring to the arena in a new market or industry to redefine yourself?  Any skill set in your tool kit that you have used in the past, may make you just a little more qualified than someone else, as you go out there and compete, no matter what field you work in.   In this tough economy and constantly changing world of new technology, it’s inevitable that most of us will end up having at least more than one career before we get to lie on a beach somewhere and relax.

Please share your comments below about your career changes.


  • Ilene says:

    Awesome article! Great to learn more about your extensive experience. Your background certainly benefits us, your clients, as you can help us apply unique, artistic and beautiful decorating ideas. Your article was also very motivational and encouraging for any of us that need to transition our careers into new arenas. Thank you!

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