What exactly is E-Design?

May 6, 2014


First of all, I want to thank all of the people that have commented on my new website with so much support and encouragement.  It has taken a while for DecorRevolution.com to come to fruition, but now that it’s up and running, I am so excited about the changes to my interior design business.

For those of you that don’t know what I’ve been working on for the past year,  DecorRevolution.com was originally intended to be a much larger and more complex website.  With a huge amount of help from my son, Ryan, we were developing a website for e-design only with lots of great tools to make the e-design process simple and easy.   But after a little change of plans, the much simpler, but still fabulous, site we have today was created.  We have incorporated some of the ideas and tools that we developed for the other site into this one and are pretty excited about it.

So, what exactly is e-design, you ask?

More and more, I am finding that there are people out there that are very tech savvy and prefer to order their own products online.  They are also willing to manage their own project if it can save them money, whether that involves hiring their own tradesmen and overseeing the work themselves, or simply doing some of the work themselves.  They still need help putting the design together, because with all the help from Pinterest, HGTV and Houzz, they know what they like, but are not sure how to put it all together for their space.  To be honest with you, they may not want to try.  There are just too many things that can go wrong.  The stories I’ve been told by clients who tried and later regretted it are unbelievable.  It may all go fine, but it would still be so much better in terms of function, safety and aesthetics with the guidance of a designer.  Sure, most people would love to have an interior designer or architect manage their project from concept to completion to make sure that every detail is handled properly and no costly mistakes are made, but we understand at Decor Revolution that some people can’t afford that.  The next best thing is to have an experienced designer create a plan for you to execute.  When you are either doing the work yourself or managing the contractor, you will know what details to watch for and you will know how to specify what you want done.  Of, course there is no substitution for having an experienced designer overseeing your project on site, but what you want is the experience and professional know-how of an interior designer to create a personal design plan for you to follow.  This is where e-design can be the perfect solution.

With e-design services you can get furnishings mood boards, a floor plan, digital 3D renderings, a paint scheme, artwork and accessories, window treatments, lighting, a shopping list with url links to online retailers, instructions on how to execute your design plan and DIY tips.  All this can be delivered to you online in an interactive design planner.

I hear a lot about the interior design business being slow with the tougher economy and also that technology is having a huge impact on so many industries.  If we don’t embrace new technologies and change our approach to working with our interior design clients, we will eventually fail.  I love the idea of making interior design accessible to more people and I think e-design is only going to get more popular as the public becomes more aware of its advantages.

If you have any questions about the e-design process, please leave a comment below.

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